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Sardar Sarovar Dam

The Sardar Sarovar Project is one of the largest water resource projects of India covering four major states - Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It has a Dam having spillway discharging capacity (30.7 lakhs cusecs).

The Dam is surrounded by natural beauty. In the evening , one can witness the grandeur lighting and laser effects arranged which makes the view mesmerizing. Sardar Sarovar View Point 1 is accessible by the visitors which is near to Valley of flowers. October and November, the start of winter, is the best season for it. It is really a breathtaking view, when the dam overflows. It generally overflows in the months of August & September.

The dam is the third highest concrete dam (163 meters) in India, the first two being Bhakra (226 metres) in Himachal Pradesh and Lakhwar (192 meters) in Uttar Pradesh. With 1133 cumecs (40000 cusecs) capacity at the head regulator, and 532 km length, the Narmada Main Canal would be the largest irrigation canal in the world.

In terms of the volume of concrete involved for gravity dams, this dam will be ranking as the second largest in the world with an aggregate volume of 6.82 million cu.m. This dam with its spillway discharging capacity of 85,000 cumecs (30 lakh cusec), will be the third in the world.
Location: Near Statue of Unity, Kevadiya, Gujarat, India

Visiting hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm