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Know Tour To The Statue Of Unity Tickets Prices And Insider Tips

Know Tour To The Statue Of Unity Tickets Prices And Insider Tips

Welcome to an unforgettable journey of wonder, history and panoramic views that will leave you breathless - the Statue of Unity.

Dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as a tribute, this monumental marvel stands as a powerful symbol for unity, strength and India's rich cultural history. Be ready for breath-taking vistas as its grandeur draws you in.

The Statue of Unity stands as a monument to India's unwavering spirit and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's outstanding leadership as known by many as 'Iron Man of India'.

Patel played an essential role in unifying various princely states into what we know today as India; this statue thus stands as a symbolic reminder of his efforts as well as of India's strength that comes from its diversity.

Its staggering height makes the Statue of Unity truly impressive; at an astounding 18m it holds the distinction of being the world's tallest statue.

Situated along the Narmada River in Gujarat State, its presence symbolizes Patel's legendary legacy; each detail speaks volumes about his determination, courage and unwavering commitment to his homeland - values Patel embodied through every part of this masterpiece that stands as testament to him. More than mere artwork; The Statue of Unity stands as living evidence of Patel's ideals!

Journey beyond the statue's base: experience the historical journey of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel! As you ascend, enjoy an immersive journey into his life and achievements through the museum located within his complex.

Visitors can gain a better understanding of him through interactive exhibits, artifacts and multimedia presentations that bring him alive for them.

Ascending to the observation deck offers breathtaking panoramic views. When atop its statue, you will be treated to unparalleled vistas of the surrounding landscape: Narmada River meandering through lush greenery, Sardar Sarovar Dam's picturesque sceneries and cityscape - all come together into an irresistibly mesmerizing tableau that gives an overwhelming feeling of connection between land and history. This spectacular viewpoint offers not only visual pleasure but also gives a greater understanding of their respective regions.

Beyond its historical and artistic importance, the Statue of Unity serves as a hub for cultural exchange and tourism.

Visitors from around the globe travel here to witness India's vibrant unity in diversity while paying homage to one of her revered leaders.

Additionally, educational trips, cultural events, and patriotic celebrations all gather here - reminding us how far humanity can travel with dedication and collaboration.

Plan Your Visit

The Statue of Unity welcomes visitors every Tuesday through Sunday between 8 am and 6 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays; Monday is its day off if you wish to explore somewhere else! For optimal experience, allocate 1 to 3 hours for your visit (excluding any nearby attractions) without taking into account crowd dynamics; remember Sunday is usually busiest followed by Saturday; with less-crowded days such as Tuesday through Friday being ideal.

Tickets Are Now On Sale.

1. Basic Entry to Statue of Unity

Start your adventure off right with the "Basic SOU Tickets Day Package", your gateway into a world of wonders. Statue of unity ticket price Starting from Rs575 for adults and Rs375 for children aged 3-15, this ticket grants access to Monument, Museum, Valley of Flowers, Jungle Safari as well as several other features - an ideal solution for experiencing everything except Statue of Unity Viewing Gallery!

Choose the "SOU Tickets - Day Package with Viewing Gallery" for an unforgettable experience, at prices beginning from Rs750 for adults and Rs500 for children. Enjoy chest-level access to the Viewing Gallery, SOU Campus exploration, Jungle Safari rides and much more - not forgetting exclusive discounts on selected restaurants and resorts, telephonic assistance and hassle-free visiting experience!

Guidelines: In general, tour will last between 6-8 hours starting from Shrestha Bharat Bhavan near the Statue of Unity and ending up at SOU bus terminal near Shrestha Bharat Bhavan accommodation and food not included; camera charges additional; Rates include ticket, Payment gateway fees, service charges and GST.

2. Viewing Gallery Ticket; Statue of Unity Tickets

Add to your experience with a Viewing Gallery Ticket package, providing entry within the statue of unity approx 500 ft above ground level for just RS750 for INDIAN adults and Rs500 for children; foreigners cannot take part.. This ticket is providing access to more access to Statue than Basic Entry does, including:

SOU Campus, Statue of Unity Museum beneath its feet , Viewing Gallery; enjoy an exhilarating ride through a golf cart in Jungle Safari; entry to Valley of Flowers , while at Sardar Sarovar Dam View Point 1 you'll witness panoramic views of both dam and surroundings.

SOU Bus Sightseeing Tour: Enjoy convenient exploration with this guided bus tour on SOU buses. Receive helpline assistance to ensure a smooth experience. Plus get 10 to 15% discounts off select nearby restaurants and resorts! Approximate Trip Time: Plan on approximately 6-7 hour experience.

Reach to Shrestha Bharat Bhavan, Statue of Unity in Kevadiya/ Ekta Nagar to avail of this package, with amenities like parking, lockers, changing rooms and cafeterias all located there.

Changes or cancellations may be subject to SOU Authority review. Package rate covers ticket, Payment Gateway Charges, Agency Service charge, GST as well. Set off on an unforgettable journey that captures the grandeur and magnificence of Sardar Sarovar Dam.

3. Express Entry to Statue of Unity tickets

Explore the Statue of Unity easily with an SOU Tickets package with Express Entry Ticket, available for Rs1600 for adults and Rs1450 for children (INDIANS) . Providing priority elevator access on busy days, this ticket grants priority entry without needing to wait in line on busy days - plus all major attractions covered such as Basic Gallery Tickets are covered as well!

The package entails visiting SOU Campus, Museum below the statue, Jungle Safari by Golf Cart, Valley of Flowers, and Sardar Sarovar Dam View Point 1 along with SOU Buses as transportation and telephonic assistance as well as 10-15% discounts at nearby restaurants and resorts.

Follow these guidelines: allocate 6-7 hours for your visit, begin at Shrestha Bharat Bhavan, utilize available facilities, use SOU buses for sightseeing tours and be aware of cancellation policies; refunds can be provided within 24 hours if statue of unity tickets become unavailable - hotel stay, food and camera charges do not qualify; full refunds can be obtained if requested 5 days in advance, less 5% charges. A confirmation email containing necessary details arrives instantly upon booking.

4. Foreigner Express Entry to Statue of Unity Tickets

Foreigner Express Entry Tickets offer our esteemed international guests an exclusive gateway into an unparalleled travel experience, promising seamless entry and unforgettable memories. Priced at Rs225 for adults and Rs1500 for children, these statue of unity ticket Packages extend a warm and friendly welcome to travelers from across the globe - not forgetting being graced with gazing upon the beautiful Statue of Unity at each step!

So begin an extraordinary journey while taking pleasure from this remarkable ticket that promises convenience with wonderment!


Transcending the Boundaries of Statue: An Expedition into Discovery

Statue of Unity stands as an iconic masterpiece in its own right, yet its surroundings will surely draw your gaze and tempt you to extend your visit. There is so much splendour around, one day may simply not suffice in fully taking advantage of their magnificence! Here's just a taster of what awaits:

Gardens that Tell Stories: Step into a world of lush thematic gardens carefully designed by humans that is an expression of human creativity and nature's grandeur. From serene tranquillity to vibrant blooms, each provides an unparalleled sensory escape.

Nature's Majesty in Fauna and Flora: Venture out to an animal sanctuary near you and marvel at some of nature's most spectacular creatures, from exotic animals with elegant strides to colorful birds that dazzle your senses in their natural environments.

An Adrenaline-Filled Playground: Dare to embrace adventure by partaking in thrilling sports that satisfy your thirst for adrenaline-charged thrills and spills. Biking enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, or anyone seeking an adrenaline rush will all find something exciting waiting to challenge their sense of adventure - there are endless activities at your fingertips that await your enthusiastic participation.

Journey through History: Get lost in captivating exhibitions that skilfully bring bygone eras back to life through engaging displays, educational showcases, and interactive installations - each serving as conduits into its most intriguing chapters awaiting your insatiable curiosity!

As your trip draws to a close, take the chance to bring home a piece of this extraordinary journey - shopping paradise awaits, offering unique souvenirs and local crafts as mementoes you can keep close as cherished reminders.

The Foreigner Express Entry Ticket goes beyond mere admission; it creates an experience rich in discovery and wonder tailored exclusively for those looking for extraordinary experiences.

As you experience thematic gardens, exotic fauna, adventure sports, historical exhibitions and souvenir hunting for yourself, it will become clear that travel is truly an immersive journey that should touch upon all aspects of the traveller’s soul.

Come, allow us to extend our warm embrace and welcome you into an experience where every moment offers an opportunity to enrich your travel experience and build memories that last a lifetime. Trusted Travel Partner: AB Tours and Travel

Journeying requires careful preparation and guidance from those who understand all the complexities associated with travel. 

At AB Tours and Travel, they pride themselves on exceptional services, serving as your partner to craft an exceptional adventure. Leveraging their expert proficiency and tireless commitment, every aspect of your expedition will be finely tuned so that you can experience all its splendour - like admiring the Statue of Unity itself.

AB Tours and Travel is an established DMC for Gujarat Tourism. Our establishment is unwaveringly committed to offering exceptional service standards that bring maximum customer satisfaction. 

In order to achieve and uphold this aspiration, we constantly refine our management and service delivery mechanisms using qualified professionals; at our core lies a vision to foster a fulfilling work culture for employees while consistently offering top-tier services for our clients.

Our operational scope encompasses various departments, from tour packages and hotel bookings, transportation services and safari packages, to hotel reservations.

Beginning its journey as a solo entrepreneurial endeavour in 2013, AB Tours and Travel has since celebrated numerous achievements across various domains since 2013. 

Notable examples include Rann Utsav Tour Packages, Statue of Unity Tour Package and Wildlife Tourism packages. We take great pride in being accredited by esteemed bodies such as Gujarat Tourism (Government of Gujarat) and Ministry of Tourism (Government of India).

What sets us apart is our firm commitment to offering unforgettable travel experiences to our valued clientele, who trust us with their travel dreams. Furthermore, it should be noted that we aim not just to become your travel and tour experts but rather lifelong partners in exploration!

Unforgettable Journey with AB Tours and Travel: Discover the Majesty of the Statue of Unity

India's iconic Statue of Unity stands as an everlasting reminder of its national unity and resilience, paying homage to visionary leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Yet this monument offers more than meets the eye - it opens a gateway to extraordinary experiences that go far beyond ordinary perception. 

Be it drawn by its historical significance, breath-taking panoramic views or nearby attractions - visiting this remarkable site promises a memorable adventure - plan your expedition, secure tickets and experience all it has to offer!

Your Trusted Travel Partner: AB Tours and Travel

At AB Tours and Travel, we take great pleasure in being your dependable partner on your visit to the Statue of Unity. Our aim is to turn your travel dreams into a reality while making every step enjoyable and ensuring every visit leaves with unforgettable memories and experiences. Let our expertise and commitment guarantee an experience filled with joyous discoveries, delight and lasting memories!

Unveiling the Majesty of Unity Statue

The Statue of Unity stands as an icon to India's strength and unity, paying homage to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who helped unify India through architecture. Yet there's more to this monument than meets the eye; upon approaching you'll feel its weight of history as you sense its spirit of determination that inspired its creation. This monumental statue invites visitors to learn more about India's past, present, and its dreams for its future.

Beyond its historical importance, the Statue of Unity offers visitors with various interests an array of experiences that transcend its historical value. History buffs will relish exploring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's life and contributions - its challenges he overcame and legacy he left behind are sure to fascinate you; while architectural enthusiasts may appreciate observing its intricate design and construction. Finally, those drawn up the Monument are treated to panoramic vistas extending as far as their eyes can see - an irresistibly rewarding reward!

Venture Beyond Your adventure doesn't stop at the statue itself; the surrounding region offers many attractions to round out your visit. We have engineered Statue Of Unity attraction packages considering needs for all population types which includes SOU Tickets Day package - Children Special & Adventure Special. For wanderers, we have introduced the SOU tickets package for 2 Days as well in which you will have time to cover more attractions nearby SOU.

Experience India's diverse culture at museums and exhibitions nearby, enjoy nature along the Narmada River and its environs for a serene escape from city life, and engage with local traditions, cuisine, handicrafts that showcase vibrant essence of this destination with help from AB Tours and Travel as your guide - creating a comprehensive itinerary which captures its full beauty!

Secure Your Journey

At AB Tours and Travel, our user-friendly booking platform makes planning your excursion to the Statue of Unity simpler than ever. By simply booking through us, tickets can be secured quickly - eliminating hassle and uncertainty typically associated with travel arrangements. In just a few clicks you'll be on your way to experiencing its beauty as you see its splendor engulf the surrounding marvels.

Do Not Miss Out

India's Statue of Unity stands as an iconic monument that embodies India's unity, resilience and visionary leadership. Witness history unfolding first-hand - let AB Tours and Travel make your visit easier while enriching it and enriching yourself enroute! Book tickets now with AB Tours and Travel and prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage that promises more than a destination.