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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we book tickets for SOU? 
Tickets can be booked online from the website. On the spot offline booking is not available.
How are refunds and cancellations handled? 
You can cancel tickets by requesting cancellation on or on the wts app on which you have received your confirmation. Refunds will be paid automatically in your account as per the cancellation and refund policy.
What is the validity of the ticket? 
The ticket is valid for one day. Date of the Ticket is mentioned in the document.
Does a foreign visitor to SoU need to buy a different ticket? 
Foreigner visitors have to buy separate Viewing Gallery ticket (Observation deck). Rest all sight seeing tickets are the same for all nationals.
Do my tickets include the bus fare? 
Your tickets are already inclusive of bus fare and you need not pay extra bus fare. However, there will be extra charges, INR 50/- for each time, for CIRCULAR ROUTE BUSES.

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